For General

Cost: $10 per image
This package is perfect for those looking for a little skin enhancement,
blemish removal, and removal of small hairs.
Basic clean up. I use clone stamp, healing brush or smoothing to achieve the desired effect.
The clone stamp and healing brush are so natural looking that I generally use them.
If you need a smooth effect, please indicate it on the order form.
The price is very reasonable, good for young people looking for value.

Skin texture ★★☆
Lighting transition ★☆☆

*Choose the “Professional option”,
if you have complex beauty photos or delicate hair fixes.

For Professional

Cost: $30-50 per image
This specialise in touching up details and overall effect,
ensuring in perfect skin and smooth lighting transition in the photo.
D&B. This service requires high quality images.

Skin texture ★★★
Lighting transition ★★★

Model: Hana Gonzalez

No frequency separation and try to maintain the neutral skin tones or adjust them by handmade. The Dodge and Burn (D&B) technique can be applied not only to the skin but also to hair.

That may seem expensive. But I spend a lot time to do it. So it will be a worthwhile investment. The outcome is usually impressive, as D&B can add depth and dimension to an image, enhance details, and produce a natural and realistic look.

*Normally $30, but quotes may change
based on the condition of the photo and work required or requested.
If you need a high-level beauty pixel D&B, the cost would be $50.

Discounts for Bulk Order

10% off an order of 10 images
15% off an order of 20 images
20% off an order of 30 images
*Discounts apply to a maximum of 30 images.

Fixing retouched image

About modifying image, It is included in the price, so feel free to ask for it.
However, I may charge an additional fee, if you ask for an excessive fix.


If there’s an issue with the work refund can be processed,
however, only 30% of the total amount.


If it is over $150 at a time, you can pay in instalments.
There is no additional fee, but be sure to pay in advance.
In case you want to pay in instalments,
please keep in mind that you cannot get 30% compensation.